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Friends of Aston - Brickyard Plantation

Aston Brickyards is a nine acre site of mixed woodland and grassland areas, on the northern edge of the village. Since the 17th century the site has been quarried, first for gypsum and later for clay. In the 1930s there was a brickyard here but the site was abandoned by the 1960s. The clay pits were levelled by landfill and allowed to return to nature. In the 1970s villagers planted trees, which have seeded and colonised more of the land so that the plantation is now overgrown and densely shaded while brambles and scrub are spreading into the meadow. The plantation is owned by Derbyshire County Council and is open to the public.

The Friends of Aston Brickyards are a group of local volunteers who meet for monthly working parties with Steve Cresswell, Derbyshire County Council Countryside Service Community Engagement Officer. With his support and advice we are working to a management plan which will improve access for walkers, whilst protecting and improving the habitats for the wide diversity of wildlife attracted to the plantation. The tasks are many and varied – widening footpaths, cutting back brambles, building bug hotels and a butterfly bank, raking meadows and seeding with wild flowers. If you are interested in finding out more or joining in, email us on

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