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South Derbyshire District Council
Derbyshire County Council
DCC Highways - Report a Fault Form
SDDC - Clean Team Report Form
South Derbyshire District Council - Planning
South Derbyshire District Council - Environment Dept
Richborough SAVE meeting y Housing Development in Weston and Aston.pdf
Aston PC response to Richborough y Richborough response Aston PC.pdf
PC Moor Lane Objection Letter Moor Lane Application.pdf
Gladman Objection y Gladman objection.pdf
Internment regulations March 2017 y Aston on Trent interment regulations March 2017.pdf
Burial Fees March 2017 Y Cemetery fees 22 March 2017.pdf
SDDC Saturday Refuse Freighter Service Y South Derbyshire District Council SATURDAY REFUSE FREIGHTER SERVICE 2017_18.pdf
Declaration of status of published accounts 31 March 2017 (unaudited) y Bank Rec 31.3.17 v1.pdf
Accounting Statements 2016_17 Y Accounting Statements 2016_17.pdf
Annual Governance Statement 2016_17 Y Annual Governance Statement 2016_17.pdf
Notice of Date of Commencement for public to view annual return Y Notice of Commencement of period for the excercise of public rights.pdf
Declaration of status of published accounts 31 March 2017 Y Declaration of Status of Published Accounts.pdf
Inspection of Annual Return Documents Guidelines Y Instructions for inspections of dcouments.pdf
Objection Letter land behind 82-98 Weston Rd Y Objection to planning app 9_2017_0384.pdf
Asset Register May 2017 Y Asset Register Approved May 2017.pdf
Financial Regulations May 2017 Y Aston on Trent Financial Regualtions May 2016 v00120170519.pdf
Standing Orders Y Aston on Trent PC - Standing Order May 2017 v001.pdf
Car Usage Policy June 2017 Y Aston on Trent PC Car Usage Policy V1 June 2017.pdf
Complaints Procedure June 2017 Y Aston on Trent PC Complaints Procedure and Code of Practice V1 June 2017.pdf
Dignity at Work June 2017 Y Aston on Trent PC Dignity at work_ Bullying and Harassment Policy V1 June 2017.pdf
Equality and Diversity Policy June 2017 Y Aston on Trent PC Equality and Diversity Policy V1 June 2017.pdf
Freedom of Information Policy and Data Protection June 2017 Y Aston on Trent PC Freedom of Information and Data Protection Policy v1 June 17.pdf
Grievance Policy June 2017 Y Aston on Trent PC Grievance Procedure V1 June 2017.pdf
Grievance Hearing Protocol June 2017 Y Aston on Trent PC Disciplinary and Grievance Hearing Protocol V1 June 2017.pdf
Health and Safety Policy June 2017 Y Aston on Trent PC Health and Safety Policy V1 June 2017.pdf
IT and Internet Policy June 2017 Y Aston on Trent PC IT and Internet Policy v1 June 17.pdf
Risk Assessment and Register June 2017 Y Aston on Trent PC Risk Assessment and Risk Register V1 June 2017.pdf
Information Guide June 2017 Y Aston_on_Trent_ Parish_ Council_information_guide.pdf
Risk Assessment Log June 2017 Y H&S Risk Assessment Inspection Log version 2 June 2017.pdf
Responsibility Matrix June 2017 Y Responsibility Matrix May 2017.pdf
External Audit Report y AuditResults2017.pdf
Application to errect a Memorial September 2017 Y Application for erection of a memorial September2017.pdf
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